Past photos from the Sloat Towne Hall Annual Halloween Party


A few of the 2011 Party prize winners

Photographers blog from the 2010 party
Despite a pouring rain, no "spirits" faded on this night. The hall was decorated and the food poured forth all night long.

All the volunteers worked so hard to make this one of the most fabulous parties in the tri counties. I see it as one of the great party secrets. Those who are aware and come to this event are treated to an exclusive night of food, drink and rock and roll. Making it easy on many, a special bus rolls in from Quincy, so they didn't even have to drive on a dark scary and night.

They were a happy crowd even before entering the town hall!

Folks were incredibly imaginative and creative with their costumes. It was so much fun to photograph everyone and I wish I had the time to do it right rather than the mad dash in with one or two quick flashes. But there was a bar calling to everyone! And the bartenders were busy... all proceeds go to the support of the town hall. Costumes ranged from homemade to store bought or rentals....

What a sweet couple!

Check out those eyes!

Love this pose!


Green hair and orange face  Umpa lumpa

Bat girl and Pumpkin Boy

Pretty girl

Dueling Politicians

Reno 911

Corn Lady

BP Oil spill

There were a lot of very happy and goofy people!

The band was rocking until after midnight and the dance floor was packed all night. It was swell for all, well I had a hard time taking photos...

Getting saxy

Keeping a good beat

I do believe Guitar Woody and the Boilers were having a fine time also!

People dancing were just a blurr

Keyboard was rockin!

Everybody enjoying themselves!

Many prizes were awarded for various categories. Clearly for all the costumes there, it was hard to make choices.

So as the night closed and the party wore down, everyone headed back to the bus and their vehicles and made their soggy way home. Evidently everyone had a good time judging by all the smiling faces in my photos.

I would like to thank everyone who posed for me and made me laugh. I wish I could post each and every person. I hope the Sloat Towne Hall made enough money for itself to last awhile. Those folks sure did a lot of work.

See you next year. 
Jan Dawson